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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diamonds are Girl's Best FRIEND !! Shoes comes second

This post is dedicated to Hunoof Hamad , she once tweeted about what they will do with Taylors bling bling, well Hunoof this post is dedicated to you..
So if you are in New York, you MUST go an check out The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie's .
here is "couple" of the pieces that is displayed there..
Gift from Richard Burton, it was known that Liz was wearing it every day .. of did I mention that its 8.8 Carat?

"La Peregrina", a Cartier pearl, diamond and ruby necklace.. you see the tear shape pear? its a very rare pear .. and it is designed by liz & cartier.

A Bulgari emerald and diamond necklace owned by Elizabeth Taylor, ITS ALSOOOOO a gift from Richard Burton .. Im huge fan of Emeralds <3 <3 <3

Clothing owned by Elizabeth Taylor I just love the way it is displayed tres tres chic

If I was there i will be fighting over, *ehm* i mean buying Givenchy gown * the one on the right* , and the Red is by Valentino <3

and what is amazing that they are showing REPLICA of Elizabeth Taylor's closet with handbags and shoes owned by Taylor

again .. if you are in NY, you MUUUUUST HAVE TO I COMMAND YOU TO go and check it out


Photo credit: too Fab