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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

International Shopping

u want to buy from Saks fifth avenue official web site,Selfridges, Barneys, Net-a-porter, malleries and you just can not buy it because they are not providing international shipping or the shipping rates are high and u desperately need to buy it weather it was peer of heels or dress or simply earings. you only need to do one thing !

Sign in to ship and shop from aramex

yes ladies and gents. you can buy from barneys :D from net a porter by lower rates!!

what is shop and ship?

"The Shop&Ship service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of shopping online from US or UK websites as if you are actually living there. This service offers you a personal account at the Shop&Ship fulfillment centers in the US and the UK where you can receive your correspondence as well as personal and business packages such as Internet orders, gifts, magazine subscriptions, bank statementsand more. Aramex then forwards the Account contents to your doorstep at verycompetitive rates, saving you time, effort and money."

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I do have an account and it really works for me. when u sign up u have to pay 35$. that is only for registration nothing else. they will send you to your mail 2 addresses. one for UK and the other one is for US.

I encourage you to open an account. its the most easier and cheaper way to buy abroad. also you guarantee that you will receive your order on time

nothing to lose here ;) yalla stop thinking and go register

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