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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Huge Fancy Rings is the Trend NOW

Are you an accessories-a-holic ?

do you have to buy new accessories whenever you saw one and loved it ?

if you answer is yes then this post is defiantly for you !

even if your answer is no (which i doubt ;) ) then u carry on ready ;) and im sure that in the end you will go and buy some for you ;)

In the past 2 months, i noticed that this year accessories trend is huge rings ! and when i say huge ! they are Large Fancy Hot Rings!

2day when i visited MARAMI, the seller told me that they lunched new accessories designs that will be in shop probably by 2night!


let me show you what i really liked over there such as gold ring with pearl (each piece have different price ), and cut in size mini rings. but what has really caught my eyes are those ! Gigantic rings the prices range from 500 to 900 Dhs & they are gold plated ! and whats really great is the details on the ring AND you are the only one who will have this exact piece !

Visit MARAMI in Dubai Mall (in front of Sephora, Next to Steve Madden )

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hermes On Sale !

Yes ladies and gents it is not a rumor! Hermes on sale at ! yes its a only a 10% discount and yes Hermes never ever EVER goes on sale nor out of style ;)

Here is a sampling of my favorite things currently on sale. Hermes yellow wave print beach towel, Red wool perforated 'H' large carry-on bag, studded belt and every girl must have an agenda !