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Monday, July 12, 2010

Saks Exclusive Launche

I'm pleased to invite you to Saks exclusive luanche :) feel free to attend

Saks fifth Avenue
is pleased to invite you ti the exclusive launch of
Bond No. 9 Saks en Rose,
a throughly modern petal pink rose.
From Wenesday June 16,2010
At Saks Fifth Avenue, Level 1n Burjman.
For Further info. please call on : 04 501 2700 ( ext:5946 )


Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2010 looks

I just received an e-mail from Mulberry about the new collection

"Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2010 is a combination of the fabulous, the ferocious, and the floral!

The collection is inspired by an eclectic mix of the 'Valley of the Dolls' film, naughty English royalty, Hollywood theatricals and over-the-top animal prints; the season is rich, decorative, glamorous and a little ironic"

I can not resist not checking the new collection, and girl i loved the new collection ! from colors to prints from jackets to bags :D

PS: I will post a new post about each look as soon as they bring them online ;)

Sneak Peak

Oh lord !!! Chuck Bass Did not Die or went into a comma ..

He's ALIVE. as i saw the photos from the sneak peak set in Paris - France. If any girl is enjoying her vacation in Paris I advice her to go around the city to see them :D

And what can i say about the Fashion.. FAB FAB FAB FAB FAB

Here is the photos . PS: i will update them soon when i will know from which designers the clothes is

oh and both of Serena & Blair seeing new hot boys, and for chuck he is with a French girl ( you will c her in the photos ) , also neither chuck or blair had been seen 2gether (until further notice) *Wink*



Queen B is BACK =D

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What your Acne is Telling You

I just wanted to declare this video, its full of useful information about acne , why they are on ur cheeks, forehead or chest.
I suffer from acne, and I always get it in the summer because of the heat and of course because of the period.

its v v v important video and it opened my eyes on things that i did not knew b4